Change your limiting beliefs

Our beliefs about the world around us and about ourselves can be limiting and, in many cases, can be unfounded when we question them. This article looks at beliefs and how they are formed and what we can do about the beliefs that may be holding us back.

From the day we were born, we have been programmed to believe other people's beliefs. The greatest example of this is religion. I was programmed from the moment I was able to talk about God creating the world, my parents told me this, my school ความเชื่อแปลกๆ, my friends believed this, the church told me this; everyone believed in God and it was sacrilegious to believe otherwise.

When I was ten years old I asked some of my friends "how do you know that there is a God?" Several answers were offered just by looking at the grass, looking around you; proved that God created him. I used to look at them and think that was not a test. So I asked my parents and their opinion on this was "How else could we have been brought into the world if it were not God? I asked many questions and many different people, including ministers and priests, and did not receive a single satisfactory answer. to the question, how do you know there is a God? Then, at about the age of 14, I boldly announced that I did not believe in God when asked the question, this was greeted with horror and disdain, except by my mother.

The point here is that believing in God was not my belief that it was someone else's and someone else's before them and someone else's before them, etc. It was, for me, an outdated belief without foundation. However, far from being released by this conclusion, there was a void in my life, if there was no God, what is my purpose in being here, what is the purpose of anyone. I looked for answers in books, in myself, in friends, in different groups of people and I could not find a satisfactory answer.

I still don't have a satisfactory answer to that question and it haunted me for years, until I started to lean towards the belief that there was some kind of unified consciousness that we could tap into. I had been studying psychology and particularly Carl Jung and I liked some of his ideas like the 'collective unconscious', then I came across Edgar Cayce, Dion Fortune, Robert Bruce and the theories of Akashic records, spiritism, etc. I liked these ideas and I liked some of the theories, although some of them were a bit wild. The question to me was, was I deliberately trying to be different and a little strange or did I really believe the theories? Well the answer is I know I don't believe in a God of any kind. What I do believe in is a "universal force" that everyone and their grandmother can take advantage of if they wish. I have not really expressed this belief as it is my belief and it is not a firm belief, it is a soft belief at best but it is a base to start with.

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